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Guide to Camping Off-Grid with a CPAP Machine

If you’re dry camping in your RV, how do you power a CPAP machine? What if you frequent National Park campgrounds, which don’t usually have hookups? What about boondocking on BLM land? You might be one of the 18 million Americans who suffer some degree of sleep apnea. And if

15 DIY Mods to Stay Warm in Your RV This Winter

An RV ain’t cheap. While RVs are most associated with sunshine and road trips, you want to get your money’s worth year-round. Why keep your RV in the driveway for six or seven months out of the year when you can utilize these tips to keep your RV warm in

4 Strategies to Get Internet WiFi on the Road

If you spend any significant amount of time in an RV, you may be wondering, “Can you have internet in an RV?” The simple answer is yes, you can have RV WiFi internet on the go! While your solution will depend on exactly how much data you need and what you

16 Clever Strategies How to Keep Your RV Cool in the Summer

Summer is fast approaching and it’s carrying plenty of heat in tow! If you’re just itching to hit the road in your RV, here are some options you need to consider when deciding how to keep your RV cool in the summer. Your first thought is probably “air conditioning.” But

For Humans, By Humans – Why This Is an AI-Free Blog

An open letter to our Readers: Hello! My name is Andy. I’m the owner/operator of this website. Plus, I work as a design professional in the RV industry, and I’m an avid traveler. I want to make you a promise: Everything you read at Wayfinding Wheels was written by a

Here Are Your Options for Buying a Handicap-Accessible RV

So you’re shopping for a handicap-accessible RV? Some news: There are no ADA requirements for Recreational Vehicles. If you have limited physical mobility, you may find it difficult to purchase a handicap-accessible RV. However, there are options. Let’s run through a few! Handicap-accessible RVs aren’t just for wheelchair users. They

What No One Tells Newbies About Winter RV Camping

Lush green grass, blue sky, and pleasant weather. That’s what comes to mind when you think of RV camping, right? Well, I used to imagine something similar until I found myself stuck in my RV in the middle of a freezing winter! Whether you have experienced it or not, Winter

5 Van Life Myths Debunked – And 5 That Are Totally True!

We all know what we see on the internet is not always true. From perfectly curated squares on Instagram showing gorgeous views, campfires surrounded by smiling faces, or waves crashing on the shore reflecting the perfect sunset, it would be possible to think vanlife is the greatest life hack out

Smackdown: Why You Should Consider a Truck Camper Over VanLife

You can’t scroll through a social media page without being bombarded by gorgeous landscapes and just as beautiful camper vans. These amazing homes away from home are sometimes done up nicer than my first apartment. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they also serve their purposes

Top 9 Takeaways from Renting a Camper Van with Outdoorsy

Are you considering van life? Or perhaps you are looking to invest in a different camping rig for more weekend getaways? Regardless, you will want to start with Outdoorsy rentals. Renting a camper van with Outdoorsy gives you the chance to test out van life before you commit to buying

8 Board Games My Family Loves Playing When Camping (+30 Bonus Games)

What’s that one thing that all of us increasingly want? A break from technology! Be it couples, parents, or friends, each one of us long to get away from our screens. And what’s an easy, enjoyable, and convenient alternative to bond over RV camping? Board games, of course! Lately, board

Tips for Storing Food in an RV So It Actually Lasts!

If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, it might be a tad bit confusing trying to figure out how to store your food properly. Traveling light is also one of the biggest challenges when traveling by RV or van. It’s hard enough to pack all the clothes, shoes and gadgets

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