Guide to Camping Off-Grid with a CPAP Machine

If you’re dry camping in your RV, how do you power a CPAP machine? What if you frequent National Park campgrounds, which don’t usually have hookups? What about boondocking on BLM land? You might be one of the 18 million Americans who suffer some degree of sleep apnea. And if you love camping, you might […]

For Humans, By Humans – Why This Is an AI-Free Blog

An open letter to our Readers: Hello! My name is Andy. I’m the owner/operator of this website. Plus, I work as a design professional in the RV industry, and I’m an avid traveler. I want to make you a promise: Everything you read at Wayfinding Wheels was written by a real person. Because blogging is […]

Here Are Your Options for Buying a Handicap-Accessible RV

So you’re shopping for a handicap-accessible RV? Some news: There are no ADA requirements for Recreational Vehicles. If you have limited physical mobility, you may find it difficult to purchase a handicap-accessible RV. However, there are options. Let’s run through a few! Handicap-accessible RVs aren’t just for wheelchair users. They are also for elderly travelers […]

Response to INSIDER: 13 Things That Disappointed Me About Van Life

“I took a short road trip in a camper van during the winter and was disappointed with my experience,” says Frank Olito writing for Olito rented a Class B luxury Sprinter van for an impromptu road trip from New York City to Philadelphia. He wrote a listicle about his asphalt voyage, contrasting his mishaps […]

Should You Travel in a Camper Without a Bathroom?

Most of us cannot imagine a world with scented, porcelain, flush n’ forget indoor plumbing. We’ve evolved from farmhouses with outhouses 30 yards from the back door to McMansions with jacuzzi bathroom suites for 9-year-olds. But is this bathroom obsession necessary? What if you could live in an RV without a bathroom? (You’d never have […]

How to Safely Tow Your Camper in the Snow and Ice

Where I live just got blasted by 18 inches of snow. I have to mush a dogsled team just to get my mail. If you live (or travel) somewhere similar, you might be wondering, “Can I tow my RV in the snow?” This is a common question for newbie RVers, snowbirds, and full-timers. Yes, you […]

The #1 Real Reason RV Tires Blow Out

What’s the real reason RV tires blow out? (Hint: It’s not because they’re made by Castle Rock!) It’s actually a pretty simple answer. And it’s a problem you can fix yourself for about $12.50. The Real Reason for RV Tire Blowouts Is … The real reason RV tires blow out is under inflation. But here’s […]

20+ Tips for Childproofing Your RV

It’s time to level up your parenting skills. Let’s childproof an RV. (Also known as babyproofing or toddler-proofing, depending on the age of your adorable assailant). Here are 20+ ideas for how to childproof and babyproof your RV! Outlet Covers This one’s a no-finger no-brainer. RV outlets can be anywhere, any height, any room. And […]

How I Learned to Find Fun Free Things To Wherever I Go

I’m a bit of an expert on free fun. I’ve spent years of my life on the road, often with no free money to speak of. I love finding free and cheap things to do. But many lists of free things to do are full of the same old stuff: visit the public courthouse, see […]

The Dark Art of Moochdocking (and How to Not Get Kicked Out)

Moochdocking is the questionably legal practice of camping on someone else’s private land. This normally means parking your rig in a friend or family member’s back yard or driveway. Moochdocking is also called “driveway surfing.” It’s a pretty simple concept: Park your RV overnight for free, thanks to friends and family. Point and laugh at […]