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Patrick Coleman

Patrick has visited 11 countries and 35 of the 50 states. He has racked up thousands of miles in RVs of every class, including a hand-crafted Romani vardo. His retirement plan is a custom Class B and a generic cat, the primary goal being to pick up those last 15 states.

Lauren Schmalz

Lauren Schmalz lives in Toronto, Canada. Her love of travel began as a child when her parents would bring the family south of the border to explore the Eastern States. She’s traveled across North America, Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. She is an advocate of slow travel and the road less traveled. She can be found enjoying the city with her Thai rescue dog or enjoying a good meal and glass of wine with friends and family.

Michael Huff

Full-time RVer, husband, father, son, brother, friend and dreamer. I am officially “living the dream:” traveling the country with my amazing wife, four awesome kids, and beloved boxer in our 150-sf RV. Each day we are learning, laughing, (maybe a little yelling) and finding the good in this world.

Andy Herrick

Andy Herrick is a blogging nerd, #8 Enneagram, wannabe bread baker, INTJ, RV industry professional, and small business entrepreneur. He can be found hanging out with his lovely wife and family, skiing, cycling, climbing, hiking, and convincing anyone who will listen why dogs aren’t really that great of pets.

Also, he runs this website and occasional contributes an article.

Sara Sabharwal

Sara Sabharwal is a modern digital nomad exploring the world one road trip at a time. She splits her time between North America and India and has yet to find a place that she didn’t fall in love with. Her favorite destinations include dark sky parks and forested mountain ranges. My dream is to live in a van down by the river, which I luckily get to do 3-6 months out of the year. 

Samantha Long

Samantha is a college student, turned van-lifer, turned full-time digital nomad! She spent most of 2020 exploring the East Coast in her 1988 Volkwagon Weekender before taking off to explore Latin America. Her work includes everything from virtual assisting to blog writing & she enjoys hostel hopping, meeting new people, and diving head first into different cultures. Samantha has lots of experiences to share about what it’s like to be a young, female, digital nomad in the world today!

Alexis Towle

Alexis Towle is a hospitality staff turned camping addict. She traded hotel check-ins for the RV pull-ins. A digital nomad based out of Niagara Falls, ON during the day turned outdoors enthusiasts at night. She’s the girl you never see at a campground because she’s hitting the trails and pulling in the fish. Alexis has been all over North America from Florida, Dominican Republic, Aruba, and Costa Rica. But when she does get some downtime, it’s usually in the presence of her adorable Jack Russell, Lady.

Lindsey Rush

Lindsey Rush (she/her) is a published poet, freelance writer, and travel blogger. Her goal as a travel blogger is to help people fight depression by encouraging them to chase the sunshine and make travel plans that they can look forward to in hard times.

Usama Khan

Usama is a freelance SEO writer and a travel enthusiast. When not writing, Usama can be found reading a good book or munching on some sandwiches.

Amarachi Ogbonnaya

Full-time solopreneur and digital nomad, Amarachi helps businesses grow their online presence by building eye-catching content. She’s from Nigeria and is the life of the party wherever she goes. When she is not writing, she’s exploring and embarking on different destinations.

Sarah Hoffschwelle

Sarah Hoffschwelle is a freelance writer who covers a combination of topics such as science, self-development, art, and societal commentary. In the past, Sarah worked in educational nonprofits providing free-choice learning experiences for audiences ages 2-99. She currently writes at Medium and authors self-help and children’s books.

Sean Mauk

Bilingual Spanish and English writer. I lived in a RV for a year while traveling through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal.

Azaliah Yadinah

Born and raised in Detroit, now a resident of Kansas City, Azaliah is an experienced author who specializes in creative nonfiction: articles, satirical pieces, short stories, novels, and blogs. She’s got a wicked sense of humor and loves to travel!

Cassandra Riddell

Cassandra Riddell is an experienced travel writer and marketing expert. A true digital nomad at heart she’s always on the go looking for the next destination to explore. You can usually find her outside, hiking or camping in beautiful settings. When she’s not working online, she’s a scuba diving instructor helping people uncover the beauty of the underwater world and educating people on how to protect it.

Abigail Smallwood

 I’m a Richmond, Virginia native and transitioning digital nomad. You might find me bumping down I-85 North in the 2012 International Bus that my partner and I just bought to convert.

Jean Whitehead

I have had the fortune of growing up in a camping-obsessed family. Since the age of 5, I have been fortunate enough to go camping on an annual basis. With my experience of great camping trips and a few I wish I never went on, my experience can help you avoid the same mishaps I had to endure!