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Breaking Down 15 Myths About Tiny House Living

“Bigger is better!” Maybe for your retirement account, but what about your house? More house, more to clean, that’s what I say! In recent years, people have opted to live in Tiny Houses. They yearn for a more sustainable way of living, an eco-friendly footprint, reduced cost of living, and

What Surprised Me About Renting an RV For the First Time

I never would have guessed that renting an RV for the first time would be such a unique and amazing experience. When my partner suggested it for our vacation in Melbourne, Australia, I decided to give it a try. Turns out, I loved it! I had always thought of RVs

Why I Always Cook My Own Food While Camping

Driving your RV to camp along the scenic country roads on a Saturday morning is an experience in itself. But let’s be honest – what makes the trip successful and memorable depends on how deliciously yummy and mouth-watering the food is.  It is true that many RVers prefer to buy

My Guide to Fishing While Traveling in Your RV

There’s no greater pastime than parking your RV beneath a cottonwood or sycamore tree and dipping your line in the water. Take it from me – I’ve taken road trips all over North America, and I go out of the way to cast my line in the local water at

How I Converted a Kia Minivan Into a Lean, Mean, Camping Machine

We have all seen the Instagram model shots of those beautifully converted Sprinter vans with their white cabinets, wooden floors, and 13 throw pillows. We begin to imagine ourselves laying on that bed, back doors open to some impressive mountain glacier, red rock canyon, or surfable ocean wave, just soaking

19 Tips I’ve Learned for Wild Beach Camping in a Motorhome

Traveling down Highway 1 along California? Or maybe you’re interested in hitting up the Atlantic East Coast, from New York to Florida? In any case, you’ll find some amazing beaches that will lure you in and keep you happily stranded! Thankfully, there are some great ways to save on money

What I Learned Van Camping on BLM Public Land – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I woke up to the sound of the Sunday morning crowd stampeding towards crackling bacon, scrambled eggs and gravy-soaked biscuits. Good morning, Cracker Barrel. Three weeks into my three-month van camping trip around the Southwestern US, and I was getting close to broke. Between pricey campsites, gas, and groceries, I

14 Sustainable Living Practices for the RV Lifestyle

From the hazy mountain peak to the salty seashore, and every national park in between, we RVers love being outside! It is only natural that we want to preserve the dignity of the earth’s fragile ecosystems, allowing her to shine for generations to come. Choosing eco-friendly solutions for RVing can

21 Motorhome Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Ever drive by a hapless RV owner stuck on the side of the highway, feet sticking out from underneath the axle? Feel bad for the poor guy, don’t you? If you don’t want that to be you one day, keep a close eye on RV maintenance! As the old saying

15 Beauty Hacks I’ve Learned While Living the Van Life

Just because you’re living this wonderful thing called vanlife, doesn’t mean you have to put your beauty standards aside. As a female Van Lifer that’s always on the go, I’ve picked up a ton of easy beauty hacks that can make a big difference when you’re always on the road.

15 Ways to Volunteer While Traveling on the Road

The first time I volunteered was in 2001 at my Dad’s Fire Department; a kid holding a smelly fire boot to collect money for the victims of 9/11. Since then, I’ve been involved in some amazing stuff, and then in other cases, I look back and question whether I was

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