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20+ Tips for Childproofing Your RV

It’s time to level up your parenting skills. Let’s childproof an RV. (Also known as babyproofing or toddler-proofing, depending on the age of your adorable assailant). Here are 20+ ideas for how to childproof and babyproof your RV! Outlet Covers This one’s a no-finger no-brainer. RV outlets can be anywhere,

How I Learned to Find Fun Free Things To Wherever I Go

I’m a bit of an expert on free fun. I’ve spent years of my life on the road, often with no free money to speak of. I love finding free and cheap things to do. But many lists of free things to do are full of the same old stuff:

The Dark Art of Moochdocking (and How to Not Get Kicked Out)

Moochdocking is the questionably legal practice of camping on someone else’s private land. This normally means parking your rig in a friend or family member’s back yard or driveway. Moochdocking is also called “driveway surfing.” It’s a pretty simple concept: Park your RV overnight for free, thanks to friends and

6 Photogenic Fiberglass Campers You Must See to Believe!

There’s just something about a fiberglass camper, isn’t there? The curves, the cuteness, the curb appeal – it’s enough to make you fire your boss and take off for the wild blue yonder. Here’s a list of the best – beautiful fiberglass campers from hallowed brands and explosive newcomers. You’ll

RV Wet Bath vs. Dry Bath (Pros and Cons)

If you’re shopping for a small travel trailer, you’ve likely encountered the infamous wet bath. A wet bath is a compact all-in-one bathroom design. The shower and toilet (even the sink, if there is one) are all contained within the same room! Yes, that means that when you take a

What Questions Should You Ask an RV Salesman? – From Real Buyers!

“If you could go back in time and ask your RV salesman a question, what would it be?” We asked this question to RV owners from all over the country! And they delivered. Navigating an RV dealership sales lot is notoriously … swampy. And your guide is usually a salesman

Breaking 11 Myths About Full-Time RV Travel

What’s not to love about the RV lifestyle? Campfires every night, Mt. Rushmore in the morning and the Florida Keys in the evening, falling asleep to the Milky Way and waking up to the sweet smell of maple syrup pancakes with fresh-cut strawberries. Or something like that. We love the

17 RV Security Tips – How to Keep the Bad Guys Away!

As a wayfinder-on-wheels, you don’t have the security of a stick n’ bricks house. Somebody could roll away with your house and home. Whether you’re a road-tripper, remote worker, dirtbag, or full-time RVer, you need to protect your domicile from the bad guys. Here’s how! 17 RV Security Tips for

Will Living in a Camper Save You Money?

With housing prices reaching unfathomable levels and home rentals being snatched up like cash on the highway, you might be wondering, “Will living in a camper save me money? Should I cancel my Netflix subscription? How really necessary is shampoo?” Let’s split this question into four. Living in an RV

Advanced Framing for Tiny Houses – Do’s and Dont’s

So you’re itching to begin construction on your Tiny House on Wheels? Congratulations! You’ll have so much fun (I did). You’ll also lose a few hairs, though, and quite a few hours of sleep! Hopefully, this guide will keep a few more hairs on your head. If you’re new to

7 Tested Strategies for Making Money on the Road while RVing!

So you want a little of the good life? If you want to know how to make money while living in an RV, we’ve got the goods! Here’s a primer to all your options for making money on the road, from being an online fitness coach to Pinterest consultant. It’s

8 Best RV Mods Under $20

Fair warning! Modifying and upgrading your RV can become addictive. Before you know it, you’ll be installing lithium ion batteries, solar panels, shower heads, extendable awnings and painting all the cabinets a fresh shade of mauve. If you’re new to the RV mod world, then here are a few easy-to-do

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