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Where Should I Store My RV?

If you aren’t living in your RV full-time like we are, you may be wondering; where are you going to store your new vacation home on wheels? Don’t worry, I have you covered. I’ve lived through RV storage sites and at home storage and we’ve researched the rest. Types of

Hitting the Road with Your Pets: Guide to RVing with Cats and Dogs

According to Dave Barry, who is by no means an authority but who is nonetheless correct, dogs are honest to a fault and cats have the morals of Hannibal Lecter. Don’t get me wrong, I love both dogs and cats, but they are undeniably different. These differences must be first

Why You (Really) Need a Walkie Talkie for Your RV!

Backing up your RV can kill a marriage or ruin a lifelong friendship. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and – sh*t, there’s a tree there! There’s a simple solution to this conundrum (and it’s a lot cheaper than marriage counseling): a 2-way radio, aka, walkie talkie. In fact, walkie talkies come with

RVing with Pets – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of RVing with Pets – the blunt truth: what people love, hate, and wish they could change about RVing with pets. For a pet owner, the hardest part about taking a trip can be leaving them behind. You miss them. They miss you.

Millennials, the Buyers the RV Industry Can’t Ignore!

Recent data shows that the RV industry has made a significant comeback since nearly bottoming out after the 2008 housing crisis. Major RV manufacturers have faced such demand in recent years that filling orders have been challenging. However, keeping up production isn’t the only test facing RV manufacturers. Fueling the

Leveling Your RV Travel Trailer: Tips from a Full-Timer

We have a hard enough time trying to avoid Legos, children and our dog as we walk through our trailer. An unleveled trailer only makes this obstacle course more treacherous. If you aren’t lucky enough to have an automatic leveling system, you’ll need to learn how to level your trailer

A Stress-Free Approach to Backing up Your Camper: Tips from a Full-Timer

Gawking eyes of neighboring campers and remembering which way to turn the wheel are just a couple reasons people dread backing up a camper. Knowing how to back up a travel trailer into all sorts of campsite layouts has been frustrating, challenging and rewarding. I reduce the stress of backing

RVing for Millennials – Myths, Trends, and a Touch of Trepidation

If you’re reading this you’re likely thinking seriously about RVing. You’ve talked to, read about, or lived vicariously through other people who’ve been living the RVing life, yet you just aren’t sure if you can hack the RV lifestyle. You have questions. Hopefully, I have answers. So, let’s get to

RV Newbie? Don’t Fall for these 12 Myths, Misconceptions and Outright Lies!

If you’re reading this post you’re either new to RVing, or you’ve been thinking seriously about RVing. Either way, you’re likely hearing some conflicting information. You’ve talked to, read about, or lived vicariously through other people who’ve been living the RVing life, yet you just aren’t sure how to separate

What I’ve Learned Converting an RV – Where to Start?

Thinking of converting an RV? Whether you’ve already bought an RV or bus, just watched some time-lapse build videos, or had a really good conversation about the possibility of breaking the rent cycle and are trying to figure out where to start, there are so many moving pieces! Before you

15 Questions to Ask for Your First Campground Reservation

A haven from work stresses, emails, texts, and general daily life is calling your name in the form of a camping adventure. But the truth is, it’s your first time diving headfirst into the world of camping like this and you do not want to end up having a more

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