Why You (Really) Need a Walkie Talkie for Your RV!


Backing up your RV can kill a marriage or ruin a lifelong friendship. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and – sh*t, there’s a tree there!

There’s a simple solution to this conundrum (and it’s a lot cheaper than marriage counseling): a 2-way radio, aka, walkie talkie.

In fact, walkie talkies come with a host of other benefits. They’re great for backcountry hikes, for corralling kids, and for traveling with companions.

Check out the 7 reasons why you, as an RVer, need a 2-way radio.

1. No Bars, No Problem!

Even when cellular signal is nonexistent, a walkie-talkie keeps working! With a long-range two-way radio, you can communicate with your travel partner at great distances, no matter whether you’re in Tennessee or Timbuktu.

2. Easier than a Cell Phone

If you often travel in a motorcade, you might find an RV CB radio invaluable. With a 2-way radio, there’s no swiping, typing, passwords or yelling “Hey, Google!” at your phone. You just press, hold and talk.

Compare that to the alternative. Once service disappears, your only method of communication is sticking my arm out the window and wildly waving like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

And no one can claim, “Sorry, didn’t hear you call!”

Of course, using a handheld communication device while driving is not legal. A workaround is a 2-way radio headset, which you can use without taking your hands off the steering wheel. If you can’t use any communication device at all while driving, then follow the law. Pull over and park to use your walkie talkie.

3. Nigh Unbreakable

In manufacturing plants, walkie talkie radios are the tools of choice. They can be dropped, banged, sat on or thrown across the room, and they still work. High-quality 2-way radios are IP-rated for dust- and water-resistance, and many are built to military specifications for shock and drop tests.

4. Extreme Battery Life

Unlike a smartphone, which is constantly gasping for its last breath 10% of charge, a 2-way radio battery can easily last the entire day. And best of all, while you’re using your RV walkie talkie, you can charge your smartphone at the same time!

5. No Roaming Fees

RV two-way radios cost the same price (that’s free) whether you’re dry camping in southwestern Utah or enjoying a Thousand Trails resort in the Midwest. No charges for out-of-country service, either.

6. Emergency and Weather Alerts

High-end RV CB radios come with weather update and access information. These devices can scan the Family Radio Service, which broadcasts weather alerts from NOAA. And best of all, these alerts can be accessed without a cellular phone signal!

7. Finding Lost Kids

I’m sort of joking, but I do seriously wonder how many hours of my childhood could have been salvaged had my mother strapped a walkie-talkie to my hip. When you need to corral kids around the campground, nothing is faster than a 2-way radio.

For that matter, some 2-way radios have ranges of more than 20 miles! That makes them perfect as an emergency option for a backcountry hike.

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